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Amanda is a Certified Somatica Coach in Seattle

Amanda is a Certified Somatica Sex, Intimacy and Relationship coach. Erotic Energy is a well of vitality that is more than sexual. It is an aliveness that is intrinsic to you as a human being that you can pour into your life purpose, your projects, your creativity, your health. It also functions as the glue that can hold a relationship together and keep it juicy and alive and sustaining.

Amanda has been called an "energetic locksmith” for her ability to respond to the subtle messages of the body, the emotions, and the depth of the human experience. She has a true gift for presence and healing, having taken hundreds of people through Structural Integration (Soma Bodywork) transformations for 18 years. Her background includes tribal-heart tantra with David Cates, dance, theater, and the natural sciences. Her delicious, warm, radiant presence will embrace you in a feeling of being truly alive and loved.

Offices in Capitol Hill and West Seattle.

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Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching Sessions


Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching Sessions are held in my Seattle offices and are based on the Somatica Method. This is a clothes-on, boundaried container for experiential education. Some of the issues/skills we might explore are: Breath, Eye contact, Holding/cuddling, Empathy, Attachment styles, Attunement, Erotic embodiment, Romance/Passion/Dominance, Fantasies, Play, Sexual function concerns, Childhood wounds, Core erotic theme, Dispelling Shame, Touch skills-soft and firm, Hottest sexual movie, Boundary and trigger mapping, Open relationships, Making repair, Dealing with disappointment, Navigating desire differences.

INDIVIDUALS: 75 minutes $190-$250

COUPLES: 90 minutes $230-$290

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Intro to Yum! A heart centered co-relaxation for non-sexual intimacy practice

A time to establish safety and heart-centered connection in a non-eroticized field. Holding, breathing together, eye gazing, exchanging nurturing touch, laughter, play, verbal sharing, and mapping boundaries.

INDIVIDUALS 60 minutes $150

COUPLES 75 minutes $190


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